God is our source of Hope

You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope.
Psalms 119:114 (NLT)

Too often when looking for comfort in other people, we are essentially placing them above God. Soon we will be disappointed when they don’t meet our expectations and we feel hopeless. While we can find satisfaction in other people, having hopes they will be our source of happiness will end up letting us down eventually.

Consider turning to God. He is the only true source of our happiness. We know this by His promises, such as the Bible verse here in Psalm 119. We can come to the realization that God is really our only true source of Joy and is our harbor.

Have you anchored your source of hope with God?

In what ways has He provided protection for you when you sought refuge with Him?

In your Becoming Anchored Companion Journal, use the prompts and space for your reflections.

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