Happy Valentines Day

Love is the greatest gift.

1 Corinthians 13 (NIV)

Love is patient, love is kind (v)4

Love never fails (v)8

Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these is love (v)13

Jesus came into this world and shown love for all. Many asked why He was with those sinners.  Jesus loved unconditionally. He listened to them, He healed them, and He ate with them. He spent time with them. Yes Time!  

Love is something to be celebrated, every day. Sometimes in the busy world we live in we forget. We mean well, but in truth, time escapes us. While there’s nothing wrong with taking care of all the many tasks and responsibilities both at home and work, it can simply lead down the path of busyness, feeling overwhelmed, and exhaustion.

Experts say to make time every day for self-care, we should also prioritize time with those we love every single day. Calling someone and asking how their day is. Asking your spouse about their day, include them. Same with your children, have you taken an interest in what they are learning, who their friends are.

Take the family out to dinner. Afterwards go for a walk with your spouse. Meet your parents for lunch this week. Go to the movies with your kids this weekend. Time you spend with others shows how deeply loved and important someone means when you are with them.

Most of all, be grateful for those who love you and those you love.

Lord, thank you for the greatest gift, love. We know we love because you first loved us. I am reminded when I notice someone who is alone, how grateful I am to be loved and to share love. Let others see your love through me, in Jesus name, Amen…

Journaling thoughts:

How do you love others?



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